Perfect for commercial use thanks to the “CE standard”.

Since the presentation of Gran Trak 10, racing games have been designed for play with steering wheels. But who would have thought in 1974 that technology would one day be so advanced that it could simulate a flight to the moon?

Nowadays, manufacturers and teams no longer use modern motorsport simulators just as training devices. They use this technology to simulate centrifugal forces, possible defects in the vehicle, dry and wet tracks and day and night changes in addition to the track layout. Unlike a real test drive, certain situations can be practiced in a targeted manner and no real vehicle is damaged or even destroyed in the event of an error. The simulators therefore save the high financial and time expenditure that would be required for the logistics and rental of the selected route. Every kilometer that the pilot can drive on the competition track is important, because in motorsport, too, “Practice makes perfect!”

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