The new entry into the world of Actoracer.

The ACTORACER® MINI is the entry-level model of our driving simulators

A classic handmade tubular steel frame in the proven Actoracer® quality offers you an entry into the world of simracing. Straightforward, durable and expandable with additional options for attaching a handbrake or a control panel for the electronics, for example.

Design your simulator according to your ideas. Thanks to the high quality of our steel frame, you have found a longtime companion in simracing. No more annoying flexing in the chassis or steering wheel, stability in all situations.

MiNi – but not small

The Actoracer MiNi® is equipped with a bucket seat, a 2-pedal system and a DirectDrive steering wheel.

A monitor can also be purchased from us, or you can use your own monitor. Monitors up to 55″ can be mounted on the PURE.

Once the seat, steering wheel and pedals have been fitted, all you have to do is connect your PC and you can get straight into the world of sim racing.

The photo serves only as an example and may differ from the equipment.


Recommended retail price

4.999,- Euro (incl. VAT)

(net 4.200 € plus VAT)

from the Windeck warehouse.

Why is the price non-binding? We are also affected by supply bottlenecks and dynamic price adjustments from our suppliers, which affect electronic components in particular.


The basic equipment of the ACTORACER MiNi model includes the following modules:

High-strength powder-coated steel frame
Cladding panels
Steering wheel and pedal adjustment
Display holder
Direct Drive steering wheel*
2 Load Cell pedals (without clutch)*
Racing bucket seat

You can also order your simulator individually for existing peripheral devices and install existing hardware yourself. We are also happy to install your peripheral devices on the simulator on request.

Of course, the simulator can be configured according to your wishes. Would you like 3-seater pedals? Or another monitor? Contact us and we will be happy to go through your desired configuration.

* Configurable according to customer requirements.

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