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The ACTORACER® HOME is the original simulator that we developed and built in 2013.

After testing many aluminum constructions in advance, we decided to develop a handmade, high-strength tubular steel frame due to its limited stability. One thing was crucial for us during development – we wanted the monitors to swivel along with the driver in the event of lateral forces on the axle of the traction loss.

To improve the field of vision, a solution with three monitors was used so that the driver can immerse himself even better in the immersion. The fact that the entire driver unit, including monitors, is moved as a unit during lateral forces corresponds to the natural sensation of a vehicle with a rear breakaway. We are convinced that this point makes a difference between the ACTORACER® and other motion simulators that work with fixed monitor positions. Our requirements for a simulator focused primarily on durability, the simulator had to be as low-maintenance and expandable as possible and, right from the start, we made sure that our product was CE certified. Only then is it possible for our interested parties to use our products commercially.

The actuators now installed in the ACTORACER┬« HOME, as well as the motion unit used to control them, are state of the art in the STL product line and, thanks to the field of view of the three 43″ HD monitors, never fail to impress. “In the thick of it instead of just there” is the motto here. The ACTORACER┬« HOME is equipped with a seat mover with traction loss and a 6-point seat belt. The belt attachment is designed in such a way that the driver can feel an additional impulse directly on the body when shifting gears or braking, for example, by tightening the belt. As in a real braking process, the initial impulse is stronger and then decreases.

We want to convey the feeling of real braking in the simulator, where in reality the first brake application is at high pressure and when “braking into the bend” the brake pressure decreases until the acceleration phase.

The photo serves only as an example and may differ from the equipment.


Price on request


The basic equipment of the HOME model is delivered ready to drive including computer workstation and includes the following modules:

Direct Drive Base with D-shaped or round steering wheel***
3 x 43″ 4k TV monitor ***
Switching unit with sequential switching / H-switching (switchable)***
High-strength steel frame with racing bucket seat
6-point safety belt
5.1 THX Sound System
3 STL actuators including control module (Seat Mover* with Traction Loss**)
Computer Workstation

* The seat is moved according to the centrifugal forces that occur. Shifting and braking processes as well as bumps are also mapped.
** The seat unit is moved synchronously with the vehicle oversteer. The driver, monitor and pedals are moved on the steel chassis.
*** Configurable according to customer requirements.

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