The perfect track tool for ultimate driving pleasure.

Our top product, the Actoracer ULTIMATE, combines the expertise and mobility of the PRO model while offering a remarkable technical enhancement in the form of a platform mover.**** With this enhancement, which is integrated into the mobile substructure, you can experience any unevenness in the terrain, be it a bump, a slope or an incline.

In the simulator, you can feel how the vehicle turns into a banked curve, for example on the legendary Nordschleife. Thanks to the large working range of the motion platform (up to 15 cm) and the impressive speed of the actuators, you can feel every nuance of the asphalt, just like on a real race track.

Feel in the simulator how the car drives into a banked curve, for example on the famous Nordschleife. Thanks to the large working travel of the motion platform (up to 15 cm) and the enormous speed of the actuators, even under load, every joint and every groove in the asphalt feels just like on a real race track.

Based on the PRO model, four additional STL actuators are installed in the substructure with an additional control unit in the ULTIMATE. These four actuators simulate the four wheel suspensions on the vehicle. Only part of the movement possibilities of our STL actuator are utilized. We use the long working distance to continue to display the vehicle position according to the gradient or slope on the route. Get to know the real limits of a real race track in the simulator. Driving over a curb in a simulation is one thing, but driving over a curb in the ULTIMATE is something completely different.

Testing the limits of the vehicle is not only fun, but will ultimately make you a better driver on the real track. Thanks to our hand-made, high-strength tubular steel frame, the additional forces generated by the platform mover are always safely under control. Everything is CE-compliant, so that commercial use is possible without any problems.

The photo serves only as an example and may differ from the equipment.


Price on request

from the Windeck warehouse.

We are also affected by supply bottlenecks and dynamic price adjustments from our suppliers, which affect electronic components in particular.


The basic equipment of the ULTIMATE model is delivered ready to drive including computer workstation and includes the following modules:

Direct Drive with D-shaped or round steering wheel *
Professional 3-way pedals (hydraulic) *
3 x 43″ HD monitor *
Switching unit with sequential switching / H-switching (switchable) *
High-strength steel frame with racing bucket seat
6-point safety belt
5.1 THX Sound System
7 STL actuators including 2 control modules (seat mover** with traction loss* and platform mover**)
High end computer
Mobile simulator with lockable castors

* Configurable according to customer requirements.
** The seat is moved according to the centrifugal forces that occur. Shifting and braking processes as well as bumps are also mapped.
*** The seat unit is moved synchronously with the vehicle oversteer. The driver, monitor and pedals are moved on the steel chassis.
**** The four wheel axles are simulated by four actuators. The chassis with driver, monitors and pedals is moved on the steel chassis.

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