The Actoracer Fullmotion Team

The Fullmotion Team

Simulationstechnik Lingnau GmbH is a company that specialises in the manufacture, sale and rental of professional motorsport and racing simulators.
Our simulators convey a high degree of realism and are often used by real racing drivers as a training tool. Our customers come from the automotive industry as well as from the current field of drivers of various racing series, as well as private individuals.


When selecting the production technology in question, STL makes use of the most modern processes.

Laser cutting, CAM technologies, such as computer-controlled tube bending, and a powder coating plant are used, depending on the requirements. Cross-product and cross-departmental know-how, as well as short paths in a manageable organisation mean efficient work processes.


Engineers and skilled workers develop new motion-racing products to meet the requirements of the market. This is how mature solutions are created, which go into series production directly at STL or at the customer’s premises.

The steadily growing market share in the motion simulator segment proves that STL is on the right track with its high quality standards. Self-certification is no obstacle for STL’s high-tech products.

Global support – STL is a functional system.

Our ERP system guarantees a smooth and precise process for every order.

At short notice, STL serves almost every spare parts requirement from its logistics centre, thus minimising your downtimes.

In the online shop, we offer a constantly growing range of parts and accessories, as well as special promotions and news. In addition, the employees are always there for partners and customers – and if necessary, also on site – worldwide.

Our team

Simulationstechnik Lingnau GmbH is a family-run company.

Short paths are a guarantee for fast and flexible solutions

Thorsten Lingnau

Developer of the Actoracer, founder and managing director of Simulationstechnik Lingnau GmbH

Jessica Lingnau

Commercial processing, personnel and management assistance

Simon Lingnau

Technical development, manufacturing and support

Esther Lingnau

Entwicklung, Fertigung, Service und Support

Sascha Mönig

Sales and marketing


Development, manufacturing, service and support

Mitja Kornienko

Development, manufacturing, service and support

Friederike Schiluck



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