A combination of our proven Motion platform and the popular Actoracer Lite TL.

Equipped with seven STL actuators, our latest high-end motion simulator can display any movement, just like our top model, the Actoracer ULTIMATE.

Acceleration, braking processes, lateral forces and are now shown in even greater detail.

The complete chassis simulation includes track characteristics,
Weather conditions, vehicle setup and much more.

We want our X-TRON LITE/TL to continue to catch everyone’s eye, which is why there are various options for customizing our simulators.

There is enough space for sponsors, designs or other creative elements. The color of the simulator can of course also be freely selected.

The X-TRONn can be used individually, in center operation or at events. Thanks to the braked castors, the 450 kg simulator is very easy to move around, and not just in the simulation!

As standard, the X-TRON does without the large 5.1 surround sound system, the triple monitor mode, the elaborate design and various small details, performance secrets that make our Actoracer ULTIMATE so unique.

Don’t worry, because the x-Tron comes in proven Actoracer quality

Just like the other models, this frame is made entirely by hand and then powder-coated. This means that you still get the quality you are used to from us. The final work will be completed by the technicians from Simulationstechnik Lingnau GmbH.

Each simulator then undergoes a special quality check before it is delivered to the customer.

The photo serves only as an example and may differ from the equipment.


recommended retail price: Price on request

from the Windeck warehouse.

We are also affected by supply bottlenecks and dynamic price adjustments from our suppliers, which affect electronic components in particular.

Basic equipment of the X-TRON LITE/T

High-strength steel frame
7 STL actuators including 2 control modules (seat mover with traction loss and platform mover)
High-quality hydraulic pedals
Direct Drive steering wheel with professional steering wheel
6 point belt
High-end computer
2.0 sound system
49″ Curved Monitor
Racing bucket seat
Mobile simulator with lockable castors

* Configurable according to customer requirements.
** The seat is moved according to the centrifugal forces that occur. Shifting and braking processes as well as bumps are also mapped.
*** The seat unit is moved synchronously with the vehicle oversteer. The driver, monitor and pedals are moved on the steel chassis.
**** The four wheel axles are simulated by four actuators. The chassis with driver, monitors and pedals is moved on the steel chassis.

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