Sim racing and eSports

Simracing is the link between E and sport

For outsiders, the term “sport” in connection with computer simulations is often irritating. You can’t see any connection between a “sport” and a computer, and anyway, Grand Tourismo on the Playstation is also a simulation, isn’t it…?

We think SimRacing without motion requires the highest demands on cognitive abilities, especially when you use the traditional H-shift and change gears manually with a clutch. In addition to these skills, a basic technical understanding is desirable. If you go a little deeper into the matter and you work with data analysis yourself to optimize your setup, we are in a different dimension than conventional gaming products. If the body is now also integrated into the simulation with the help of movements, we are also a long way from the term “playing”. Of course you can play with an ACTORACER®, but our focus is on offering a real track tool for home use. A track tool that can help you to expand your potential in reality without bearing the “real” costs. You have the opportunity to compare your real data with the data from the simulation – just like in real motorsport.

Take a look at our YouTube channel “Actoracer”. There you can get a first impression of our products and get further information.

We would like to invite you to test our products. Contact us directly via WhatsApp to arrange a non-binding test drive in our showroom.


In our SimCenter network, drivers and guests can experience the full-motion simulators of the ACTORACER® series on identical devices. Feel when the car goes “light” on a crest, or when the rear starts to oversteer. Feel when the compression pushes the car into the suspension, or be shaken when you drive through the “carousel” on the legendary Nordschleife – like in a real racing car. We have already built up a large network of AbA-SimCenters in Germany and are constantly expanding it. AbA stands for “AllStars by ACTORACER®”. All centers affiliated with the AbA are certified, so we can guarantee that the same settings and conditions apply to all participants, regardless of which AbA center is used.

Whether in between with friends, as training for our own AbA racing series, or as a participant in the advertised, official ADAC events – an AbA MOTION E-SPORT CENTER offers all guests the right start. Various driving modes support the beginner and are deactivated for the professional. At our events of the AbA racing series, there are also attractive prizes and prizes for the participants. The AbA offers eSports series for beginners as well as for advanced drivers.

We’re sure if you’ve driven 30 minutes in our simulator, the dash between “E” and “SPORT” will get a definition!

ACTORACER Rally Simulation

ACTORACER Pro at the Hockenheimring

Fabian Schilller – Training in the ACTORACER

Two vehicles on the race track in a duel

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