Race tracks and vehicles

The race tracks

The racetracks in ASSETTO CORSA have been developed using laser scanning technology to ensure the highest level of accuracy in recreating real racing environments. You can feel every bump, incline or slope of the racetrack in your ACTORACER with absolute realism.

ASSETTO CORSA offers tracks such as Monza, Silverstone, Imola, Barcelona and Spa Francorchamps. The legendary Nordschleife has also been brought to life in order to offer the most authentic and epic racing experience possible. You will also experience a natural day/night change, so that long-distance races can be driven into or through the night, just like in real life.

Of course, simulations other than Assetto Corsa can also be run on the ACTORACER models. Our motion software automatically recognizes the selected simulation and loads the corresponding motion profile for your simulation. We currently support the following simulations:

Assetto Corsa
Assetto Corsa Competizione
F1 Series
DIRT RALLY 1 and 2
beamNG Drive

If you would like to use a different simulation, you are welcome to contact us – we will be happy to support you in experiencing your simulation on the ACTORACER. Probably the best racing simulator in the world.

Three virtual touring cars on a virtual race track.

The racing cars can be driven and tested on all existing race tracks.

Vehicle models in the racing simulator

ACTORACER® products are delivered “ready2drive”. The simulation we use is Assetto Corsa, developed by Kunos Simulazioni from Italy.

As Assetto Corsa has been selected by several car manufacturers for their own professional simulators, it offers some of the most anticipated car models from past and present production. This direct relationship with the automotive industry also provides unparalleled immersion in terms of the feel and handling of the cars, resulting in one of the most natural and consistent driving experiences in a racing simulator.

ASSETTO CORSA offers an exceptional driving experience thanks to a huge selection of vehicle models: From the latest production cars to classics and vintage cars, GT and super sports cars to racing models and prototypes. Each vehicle has been reproduced in close cooperation with the respective manufacturers in terms of detail, mechanics, driving technique and sound to offer you the best possible result in a racing simulation.

Choose your race car

Whatever suits your taste, be it the old 500 Abarth, Jim Clark’s Lotus racing car, cars from the Japanese home market or Sebastian Vettel’s top-of-the-range Ferrari racing car, the choice is yours!

Customized vehicles for the race track

The virtual racing cars can be customized. Vehicle colors and sponsor logos are possible, just like on real racing cars. This provides interesting opportunities for sponsors to offer advertising space, especially when participating in AbA racing events.

Our STL Audi with sponsor logos. Ready to race for the AbA.

Detailed setting options for professional training and riding fun

The Actoracer driving simulator offers you a great deal of driving fun based on the race tracks, vehicles and setting options for brakes, suspension, air pressure and many other parameters. Have fun experimenting.

Around the Nürburgring in the Porsche GT3 with the ACTROACER

racing cars

From Formula 1 to touring cars. Individual design also possible.

Race tracks

All the great classic racetracks from Nürburgring to Suzuka from Assetto Corsa.

Rally routes

So that the actuators really get moving. Dirt Rally tracks to choose from.


Chassis, tire pressure, steering, pedals. Everything is adjustable and the data analysis is also comparable with real racing cars.

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