ACTORACER - The full motion racing simulator and driving simulator.

Simulationstechnik Lingnau GmbH offers you a new generation of full motion racing simulators and a selection of motion sim racing centers where you can feel your car. Our products have been developed, tested and tuned by a professional team consisting of designers, racers and IT experts.

We offer professionalism at the highest level in full-motion sim racing. The Actoracer® simulates acceleration, braking, curves, track conditions, chassis settings, as well as external influences such as contact with other vehicles or track boundaries. In other words, everything that can also be experienced in a real vehicle.

Our driving simulators are developed and produced in Germany.

ACTORACER is a driving simulator for hobby drivers and professionals

An absolutely impressive driving experience – feel every bump! Uncompromising quality and workmanship, paired with proven functionality, you can get in and drive off in our simulators at any time. Whether you are a beginner or a professional – we have the right vehicle for everyone!

Hobby drivers can almost experience a real race track on an Actoracer. Professional drivers train with Actoracer because the simulation is so close to the real driving experience. Everyone can choose from countless vehicles and racetracks. Handling, shifting, tyres, tire temperature, chassis tuning – just like a real vehicle.

In our ACTORACER Full-Motion SimRacing Center you can experience racing up close!

Racing at the ACTORACER Center Windeck – almost like on the racetrack

Would you like to experience for yourself what a full-motion simulator feels like, how close it is to reality?

You are welcome to drive all models of the ACTORACER product range in our Full-Motion SimRacing Center. Simply book an appointment using our booking tool and visit our center. Of course you can also drive an ACTORACER in one of our partner centers. You can find an overview of the various centers in the Locations section.

The driving simulator for real driving feeling

We are often asked whether ACTORACER driving is a sport at all. This opinion changes after a five-minute drive on the ACTORACER at the latest. If you want to do sim race e-sport or e-racing, then test the ACTORACER.

Actoracer® is the racing simulator for professional motorsport training, racing center operation and eSport sim racing.


The Actoracer Ultimate driving simulator almost looks like a racing car without wheels.

The driving simulator is currently available in five different models. Look at them and compare them with each other.

Of course, all of our models are constantly being further developed, not only from a technical point of view, but also the motion software of the simulators paired with the latest input devices.


A man watches a driver in an Actoracer racing simulator

Would you like to test our models or just do a few laps ? Then visit one of our centers.

Are you planning a corporate event? You can have a lot of fun with your colleagues in our ACTORACER centers, with attractive catering according to your ideas.

ACTORACER purchase + rent

Detail of the gas, clutch and brake pedals of a driving simulator with pedals from a racing car.

Would you like to buy or rent an ACTORACER? Then you are right here. Anyone can buy one of our products and drive at home.

If you would like to run an ACTORACER Center, you will find all the information under Open Simcenter .

ACTORACER racing series AbA

Screenshot of race cars starting in the AbA Trophy touring car race.

Drive against other drivers at our AbA E-Sport racing events. All participating ACTORACER Centers will be connected live online and the races will be streamed live on the Internet.

The special features of our racing car simulator


  • High quality components for continuous operation, CE certification
  • Realistic equipment with racing steering wheel and pedals
  • Shift paddle, H circuit or automatic
  • The actuators move the vehicle three-dimensionally
  • Large high-resolution screens


  • Selection from over 300 vehicles of different types and classes
  • Choice of over 300 racetracks
  • Many factors of the vehicle can be controlled – also dynamically: tire temperature, tire wear, chassis settings
  • Many factors of the routes can be controlled: time of day, weather, automatic changes, etc.

The most important questions answered quickly

Do I have to be a member of a club to ride Actoracer?

No, anyone can drive a simulator in one of our centers.

Can anyone drive a simulator, even if they are not a professional?

Newcomers are also very welcome. We can activate various driving aids that support driving.

As a driver, do I have to pay attention to anything?

It is recommended to use sporty shoes with a thin sole (karting shoes would be great of course). The clothing should also be sporty, because you will sweat!

From what age can the simulators be used?

The simulators can be used from the age of 14.

Christian Menzel tests the ACTORACER® ULTIMATE

We transported our ACTORACER to the driving safety center at the Nürburgring and had the pleasure of meeting professional racing driver Christian Menzel invite you to a test drive. As a professional racer, Christian was able to give us precise feedback on our full motion system, and we adapted the motion setup to his feelings directly on site.


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The link between e and sport

gaming and sports

For outsiders, the term “sport” in connection with computer simulations is often irritating. You can’t see any connection between a “sport” and a computer and anyway, Grand Tourismo on the Playstation is also a simulation, isn’t it?

Gaming without “motion” is a challenge of focus and reaction

We think SimRacing without motion requires the highest demands on cognitive abilities, especially when you use the traditional H-shift and change gears manually with a clutch. In addition to these skills, a basic technical understanding is indispensable. If you go a little deeper into the matter and you work with data analysis yourself to optimize your setup, we are in a different dimension than conventional gaming products.

Gaming with “Motion” is a challenge of concentration, reaction and endurance

If the body is now also integrated into the simulation with the help of movements, we are also far removed from the term “playing”. Of course you can play with an ACTORACER®, but our focus is on offering a real track tool for home use. A track tool that can help you to expand your potential in reality – i.e. in real racing vehicles – without having to bear the “real” costs. You can also compare your real data with the data from the simulation – just like in real motorsport.

But even without a connection to real motorsport, our driving simulators are a lot of fun. Here you can practice racing close to reality at manageable costs. And without crushing his car on the Nordschleife. ;O)

Logo of the AbA racing series for racing simulators from the Actoracer brand

NEWS | AbA e-Sport racing series

Various racing events are held on the models of the ACTORACER. Anyone can take part in one of the many ACTORCARER Centers. All participating centers are certified, so that the same requirements can be guaranteed for the Motion eSport Racing Centers.


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