Sim Racing Center Switzerland

ACTORACER® Sim-Race Center

Our network of affiliated AbA Centers is constantly being expanded.
If you are also interested in joining our network, you are welcome to contact us directly via WhatsApp.

AbA certified

AbA certification guarantees the uniformity of the ACTORACER® used. Each participating center must meet the requirements for the simulators and use the specified motion profiles. This guarantees that all simulators are operated under the same conditions. This also guarantees that the simulators in AbA racing series are all set with a minimum requirement for motion and steering forces, so that the physical strain is at the same level for every participant in the racing series.

Actoracer Switzerland

Langendorfstrasse 2
4513 Langendorf


Funpark Tanoshii Switzerland

Schöntalstrasse 2
9450 Altstätten

Home – Tanoshii Funpark

Number of simulators: 3
Models: Actoracer® Ulimate

Further locations to follow

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