The small racing simulator with powerful actuators

The ACTORACER® LITE TL is an extension of the entry-level model of our driving simulators.

A traction loss** is mounted on the same tubular steel frame as the ACTORACER® LITE in addition to the built-in seat mover*.

In addition to the simulated acceleration, braking and cornering forces, which are mapped by two STL actuators installed on the seat, the lateral forces occurring on the chassis with the racing bucket seat are transferred to this model by a further STL actuator. Oversteering, i.e. the rear of the vehicle breaking away, is represented by a lateral movement of the seat unit with the driver. This further level of immersion, together with the precise, comprehensible feedback of the current vehicle dynamics by the seat mover*, is a great feature for the hobby pilot as well as for the sim racer. As in our entry-level model, we install our own STL actuators (action path up to 15 centimeters).

The driving simulator makes every bump tangible with precise and fast actuators.

Thanks to the high operating speed of our actuators, even under load, we guarantee that you will feel every bump, crest and dip as realistically as possible. The lateral forces are implemented by the same type of actuator that we use for the Seat-Mover*. We also use the software and hardware from our top models for the precise and fast conversion of motion signals. Our motion software gives us a wide range of filter options to fully utilize the signals from the simulation and match them precisely with the STL actuators.

The photo serves only as an example and may differ from the equipment.


Recommended retail price

20.999,- Euro (incl. VAT)

(net € 17,646.22 plus VAT)

from the Windeck warehouse.

Why is the price non-binding? We are also affected by supply bottlenecks and dynamic price adjustments from our suppliers, which affect electronic components in particular.


The basic equipment of the LITE TL model includes the following modules:

High-strength powder-coated steel frame
Pedal and steering wheel adjustment (length and height)
Display holder up to 55 inch
Direct Drive Base with steering wheel ***
Professional 2 load cell pedals (without clutch)***
Racing bucket seat
3 STL actuators including control module (seat mover with traction loss)

You can also order your simulator individually for existing peripheral devices and install existing hardware yourself. We are also happy to install your peripheral devices on the simulator on request.

Of course, the simulator can be configured according to your wishes. Would you like 3-seater pedals? Or another monitor? Contact us and we will be happy to go through your desired configuration.

* Configurable according to customer requirements.
** The seat is moved according to the centrifugal forces that occur. Shifting and braking processes as well as bumps are also mapped.
*** The seat unit is moved synchronously with the vehicle oversteer. The driver, monitor and pedals are moved on the steel chassis.

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