FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions

In our FAQ we answer all the questions that we are asked frequently. In many cases we can give you a direct answer without waiting. If you still have questions, you can reach us directly via WhatsApp or send us a message. The FAQ is continuously updated.

Questions about the ACTORACER models

The ACTORACER¬ģ HOME, PRO and ULTIMATE models are delivered completely ready to drive. After a briefing by our employee, you can start right away.

With the ACTORACER¬ģ LITE and LITE TL models you need your own PC with your simulation, we will provide you with everything else. The Home, Pro and Ultimate models are delivered ready for use – you can get in and drive off straight away!

Whether it’s a Christmas party, company anniversary or other possibilities – we can set up one or more simulators for you on site.
Our on-site instructor helps with the operation and is also happy to organize events, for example who drives the fastest lap.

Questions about driving the simulator

No, anyone can drive a simulator in one of our centers.

Newcomers are also very welcome. We can activate various driving aids that support driving.

It is recommended to use sports shoes with a thin sole (karting shoes). The clothing should also be sporty, because you will sweat!

The simulators can be used from the age of 14.

Two men, bathed in purple light, rejoice at an event.

Questions about your own sim race centre

We offer leasing to interested parties who want to open a center. We work together with the financial service provider S√ľdLeasing

We offer long-term rental to interested parties who want to open a center. Please contact us to discuss long term rental.

Image of a STL SIM Car Racing Simulator. The large actuators in the orange protective covers are clearly visible.