The ACTORACER racing simulator models


The ACTORACER® MINI is our new entry-level model. A classic handmade tubular steel frame in the proven Actoracer® quality offers you an entry into the world of simracing. Straightforward, durable and expandable with additional options for attaching a handbrake or a control panel for the electronics, for example.
Design your simulator according to your ideas. Thanks to the high quality of our steel frame, you have found a longtime companion in simracing.


The ACTORACER® LITE TL is an extension of the entry-level model in our product line. A traction loss** is mounted on the same tubular steel frame as the ACTORACER® LITE in addition to the built-in seat mover*.
In addition to the simulated acceleration, braking and cornering forces, which are mapped by two STL actuators installed on the seat, the lateral forces occurring on the chassis with the racing bucket seat are transferred to this model by a further STL actuator.
Our motion software gives us a wide range of filter options to fully utilize the signals from the simulation and match them precisely with the STL actuators.

Actoracer Modell Home ohne Rollen mit großen Bildschirmen für großen Rennsimulator Fahrspaß.


The ACTORACER® HOME is the original simulator that we developed and built in 2013.

After testing many aluminum constructions in advance, we decided to develop a handmade, high-strength tubular steel frame due to its limited stability. One thing was crucial for us during development – we wanted the monitors to swivel along with the driver in the event of lateral forces on the axle of the traction loss.


The ACTORACER PRO for e-sports and SimCenter is the enhanced version of the ACTORACER® HOME for commercial use. A driving simulator designed to be quick and easy to set up and dismantle.

The high-quality equipment of the HOME model, combined with a mobile base frame. Plus foldable HD monitors that can be set up and fixed quickly and precisely at the intended angle. A defined entry area, the high-quality hardware and design areas for customer branding – everything has been thought of. All set up in minutes and reliable in hours of demanding trade fair or center operation.


Equipped with seven STL actuators, our latest high-end motion simulator can display any movement, just like our top model, the Actoracer ULTIMATE.

Acceleration, braking processes, lateral forces and are now shown in even greater detail. The chassis simulation includes track conditions, weather, vehicle setup and much more.

We want our x-TRON LITE/TL to continue to catch everyone’s eye, which is why there are various options for customizing our simulators.


Our top racing simulator, the ACTORACER Ultimate, combines the know-how and mobility of the PRO model, but brings with it an amazing technical enhancement in the form of a platform mover****. With this extension, which is mounted in the mobile substructure, you can feel every bump, slope or incline.

Based on the PRO model, four additional STL actuators are installed in the substructure with an additional control unit in the ULTIMATE. These four actuators simulate the four wheel suspensions on this top-class driving simulator.

Thanks to our hand-made and high-strength tubular steel frame, the additional forces of the platform mover* are always safely under control. Here, too, everything is CE-compliant so that it can also be used commercially without any problems.

Detailed adjustment options for your riding pleasure

The Actoracer driving simulator offers you a great deal of driving fun based on the race tracks, vehicles and setting options for brakes, suspension, air pressure and many other parameters. Have fun experimenting.

racing cars

From Formula 1 to touring cars. Individual design also possible.

Race tracks

All the great classic racetracks from Nürburgring to Suzuka from Assetto Corsa.

Rally routes

So that the actuators really get moving. Dirt Rally tracks to choose from.


Chassis, tire pressure, steering, pedals. Everything is adjustable and the data analysis is also comparable with real racing cars.

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