Race training for racing drivers

Race training in the racing simulator

Racing on real racetracks is expensive and not always possible. For this reason, some professional racing drivers have purchased an ACTROACER and can train at home under very realistic conditions.

In ASSETTO CORSA, over 300 race tracks have been recorded using laser scanning technology to achieve the highest level of accuracy in recreating the real racing environment. Every bump, gradient or slope on the racetrack is simulated in the ACTORACER using high-quality actuators.

ASSETTO CORSA offers tracks such as the N├╝rburgring, Monza, Silverstone, Imola, Barcelona and Spa Francorchamps. Day/night changes and weather conditions can be set on the racetracks.

Of course, simulations other than Assetto Corsa can also be run on the ACTORACER racing simulators. Our motion software automatically recognizes the selected simulation and loads the corresponding motion profile for your simulation.

Data exchange between racing car and racing simulator

Using data recording, training drives can be recorded in the ACTORACER racing simulator and compared with the data from a real racing car.

Perfect your riding technique with analysis

You can display real video data side by side with journeys from the simulator. You then analyze your line choice and perfect it in the race simulator. You can then effectively implement the lines you have worked out on the real track.

You can also compare brake timing, brake pressure, gear changes or the accelerator pedal position. The ACTORACER is an effective support for making rapid progress in real motorsport.

Questions? Give us a call. We will be happy to advise you and invite you to a non-binding test drive in the Actoracer Tel.: +49 (0) 2295 – 90 97 13

Detailed setting options for professional race training

The Actoracer driving simulator offers you a great deal of driving fun based on the race tracks, vehicles and setting options for brakes, suspension, air pressure and many other parameters. Have fun experimenting.

ADAC GT Master Profi Rennfahrer David Jahn im Interview über Actoracer® Ultimate und die Vorteile für sein Training

racing cars

From Formula 1 to touring cars. Individual design also possible.

Race tracks

All the great classic racetracks from N├╝rburgring to Suzuka from Assetto Corsa.

Rally routes

So that the actuators really get moving. Dirt Rally tracks to choose from.


Chassis, tire pressure, steering, pedals. Everything is adjustable and the data analysis is also comparable with real racing cars.

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