Data recording and data analysis

A round of “Spa Francorchamps” data recording.

Recorded with the Race Navigator PRO

Data recording and data analysis

Our claim to teach you how to drive a digital racing car as realistically as possible in our simulators also includes data acquisition, i.e. data recording, from the simulation. You can then compare this data directly with the data from a real racing car. For example, you can have real video data displayed side by side with trips from the simulator. Then you analyze your choice of line and perfect it in the simulator. You can then effectively implement the chosen line on the real route.

You can also compare braking times, brake pressures, switching processes or the accelerator pedal position. The ACTORACER is an effective support to make quick progress in real motorsport.

The analysis tool

Race Navigator connects sports car drivers, professional motor sports enthusiasts and now also SimRacer with high-performance all-in-one systems to record and evaluate laps on the racetrack using data recording. The Race Navigator systems combine professional data analysis with ease of use and have become an indispensable companion on the track not only for motor sports enthusiasts and track day drivers, but also for sim racers all over the world. The compact systems use integrated sensors and the diagnostic interface of the vehicle or the simulator to record a wide range of data, including the exact GPS position and speed, lateral acceleration, engine speed and brake pedal position. At the same time, up to four cameras deliver videos of the route and drivers in HD quality.

Comparison of the data via APP

The RN Analyzer app is a professional analysis tool that is unique on the market for round evaluation. Immediately after the ride, videos and data are precisely synchronized and wirelessly transferred to the iPad. Up to four laps can be displayed side by side and compared at the same time. Thanks to the latest technology, easy handling and well thought-out design, the Race Navigator systems set standards in the field of video and data recording on the racetrack.

Official partner

As an official partner, Race Navigator equips the products of the ACTORACER series with the powerful analysis systems. Improve your line and exploit your potential! Use the data from a reference lap as a benchmark and guide and optimize your line choice in the simulator.

Assetto Corsa is currently supported for PC.

Analysis software is also supported. Please contact us, we will be happy to help you with your questions.

data analysis using tabelt pc

Data recording and data analysis to compare sim racing and driving in real vehicles.

Race Navigator – Dual Race System

Simulationstechnik Lingnau GmbH and Race Navigator are jointly developing the Dual Race System (DRS). A professional data analysis for driver training on the racetrack and in the simulator.

  • Analysis of the laps driven according to various parameters (speed, distance, time, lap times, G-forces and OBD2 values)
  • Comparison of up to 4 laps with synchronized video image with four different data channels simultaneously
  • View of the route with Google Maps maps. Precise display of the driven lines from a bird’s eye view
  • Display of time gained and lost when comparing two laps
    Comparison of the sector timing of different rounds.
  • Use default sectors or create custom sectors
  • Detailed G-Force evaluation
  • Your Race Navigator also shows you the time gained and lost compared to the reference lap calculated in real time during virtual driving
  • Comparison of vehicle data from the simulation with CAN data from your real vehicle


* RN-DRS runs on Windows and Apple systems