The full-motion e-sports simulator.

The ACTORACER ® PRO for e-sports and SimCenter

The Actoracer PRO is the enhanced version of the Actoracer LITE TL for commercial use. It offers a mobile alternative for motion sim racing centers, trade fairs and events.

As with the LITE TL, the PRO uses a total of three actuators. However, these are specially mounted, for example the seat mover is mounted on a dumper bar to which the racing harness is also attached. When braking, the rider feels a certain amount of pressure on the upper body as the racing harness tightens.

With three 43-inch monitors, the driver can concentrate fully on the race track, while the outside world is hardly noticed. The 5.1 surround system in the PRO ensures an immersive sound experience.

Perfect for sim centers and ambitious drivers

The simulator has been designed to be easy and practical to set up and dismantle. The HD monitors can be folded by 90 degrees for transportation and can then be quickly and precisely aligned to our predefined viewing angle on site. The entire setup can be set up within a few minutes and is reliable for hours of use at trade fairs or in e-sports centers.

The Actoracer PRO is also the basic model for a motion e-sports center. While the experience is guaranteed in our simulators, the real thrill only comes in a starting field with many drivers. If all participants drive on identical simulators and with identical settings, the sporting aspect is emphasized.

The simulator also offers high-quality hardware and sufficient design space for customer branding and sponsors.

The photo serves only as an example and may differ from the equipment.


Price on request

from the Windeck warehouse.

We are also affected by supply bottlenecks and dynamic price adjustments from our suppliers, which affect electronic components in particular.


The basic equipment of the PRO model includes the following modules:

Direct Drive with D-shaped or round steering wheel ***
Professional 3-way pedals (with clutch) ***
3 x 43″ HD monitor ***
Switching unit with sequential switching / H-switching (switchable) ***
High-strength steel frame with racing bucket seat
6-point safety belt
5.1 THX Sound System
3 STL actuators including control module (seat mover * with traction loss **)
High end computer
Mobile simulator

* The seat is moved according to the centrifugal forces that occur. Shifting and braking processes as well as bumps are also mapped.
** The seat unit is moved synchronously with the vehicle oversteer. The driver, monitor and pedals are moved on the steel chassis.
*** Configurable according to customer requirements.

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