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AbA Motion eSport Series

AbA (AllStars by ACTORACER®) Motion eSport is the full service provider for the implementation of the racing series offered for all connected SimRacing Centers. As a center operator, you do not have to compete on the market alone with your racing formats, but you can join our network and adopt the racing series developed and offered by AbA in your center.

Full service

AbA’s services are not limited to events for the ACTORACER® SimCenter. Interested parties who would like to offer their own racing series can make use of the AbA service. We take care of the creation of the regulations, the creation of the vehicle skins – with your advertising if you wish – as well as attractive branding on the digital track. As you can see, there are the same advertising opportunities in digital motorsport as in real motorsport.

Worldwide streaming with well-known presenters

AbA’s services also include the provision of a stream via well-known video platforms such as YouTube or Twitch. AbA can offer you basic streams through to commentated broadcasts with advertisements. AbA has access to a large portfolio of well-known speakers from the scene. Take a look at one of our broadcasts.

To the AbA Motion eSport racing series website.

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