New racing simulator

A new racing simulator from STL: The MiNi

The ACTORACER® MiNi is a new racing simulator and the inexpensive entry-level model from STL. Of course in the usual perfect quality and with lots of details for fun sim racing.

The MiNi drives with good equipment

Equipped with a bucket seat from Beltenick, a 2-pedal system and a DirectDrive steering wheel from Simagic. A monitor can also be purchased from us – or you can simply use your own monitor.

The price for the MINI racing simulator is absolutely hot

We’ll be letting the MiNi cat out of the bag next week and you can look forward to it. We have long wished for a good simracing model for beginners. It wasn’t easy for us, because we were looking for a good compromise between quality, driving standards and price. We are all sim racing fans ourselves and have very specific expectations of a racing simulator. With the ACTORACER® MiNi, we have succeeded quite well with the entry-level model.

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