News about Simulationstechnik Lingnau GmbH

We have expanded our team and are pleased to announce that 2 new technicians have joined our production, development and support teams. We also have a new team member in the area of marketing and sales, so that we will be able to respond even better to our customers and their wishes in future.

Our new location is also taking shape in big steps, so we can say that the new showroom is now finally finished and we can now start with the topic of rental in our premises and the gates are open to all visitors.

What does the future hold?

We have already done some pioneering work in the past, for example, we are the first manufacturer and operator of a professional eSport racing center in Germany with our own motion simulators designed and manufactured for commercial use.

We can already proudly say that we have built up the largest network of professional motion simulators to date, the eSport Racing Centers with Actoracer® are now represented in Germany and internationally in a large number and the expansion continues steadily, in Germany alone we will open two more centers with our customers by the end of the year.

We will continue to expand the eSport Racing Center and make it even more attractive with interesting and new concepts. We offer our customers the all-round carefree package, in addition to the professional and commercially usable simulators, we also supply a sophisticated CMS (Center Management Software), an invoice and cash register system, the corresponding equipment options for your own eSport-Racing Center, as well as everything you need to get started immediately without lengthy planning.

Things are also getting exciting in the simulator sector, because from 2021 our well-known and successful product series, Actoracer® Home, Actoracer® Pro and Actoracer® Ultimate, will have another member in the home sector. Furthermore, from 2021 there will also be a Lite version of each Actoracer® model, so that private users can look forward to attractive price models.

The development of our Motion software and hardware is constantly continuing, so that we always get the best out of the systems to ensure future security and product care. All from a single source, Made in Germany by Simulationstechnik Lingnau GmbH.

Kind regards

Your Actoracer® Team

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