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The ACTORACER ULTIMATE. More is -almost- not possible.


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The Actoracer Ultimate driving simulator

Our top product, the Actoracer Ultimate, combines the know-how and mobility of the PRO model, but brings with it an amazing extension on the technical side in the form of a platform mover****.

With this extension, which is mounted in the mobile substructure, you will feel every bump, every slope or every incline.

Feel in the simulator how the car drives into a banked curve, for example on the famous Nordschleife. Thanks to the large travel of the motion platform (up to 15 cm) and the enormous speed of the actuators, even under load, every joint, every groove in the asphalt feels like it’s on a real racetrack.

Four additional actuators for a more realistic driving experience

Based on the PRO model, four additional STL actuators are installed in the substructure in the ULTIMATE with an additional control unit. These four actuators simulate the four wheel suspensions on the vehicle. Only part of the movement possibilities of our STL actuator are used. We use the long commute to continue to display the vehicle position according to the uphill or downhill gradient on the route.

Get to know the real limits of a real race track in the simulator. Driving over a curb in a simulation is one thing, driving over a curb in an ULTIMATE and feeling when there is a limit on the real track and thus also in the real car, is not only fun to test safely, but ultimately makes you on the real track to a safer driver.

Thanks to our handcrafted and high-strength tubular steel frame, the additional forces of the platform mover* are always under control. Here, too, everything with CE conformity, so that commercial use can also take place without any problems.


Retail price
Price on demand

We are affected by delivery bottlenecks and price increases by our suppliers, which particularly affect electronic components. For this reason, we can only quote prices on a daily basis.


The basic configuration of the PRO model includes the following modules:

  • Simagic Base with D-Shape or Round Steering Wheel*
  • Heusinkveld Ultimate 3 pedals (with clutch)*
  • 3 x 43″ HD TV monitor *
  • Switching unit with sequential switching / H switching (switchable)*
  • High-strength steel frame with racing bucket seat
  • 6-point seat belt
  • 5.1 THX Sound System
  • 7 STL actuators including 2 control modules (Seat Mover** with Traction Loss*** and
  • Platform Mover****) Computer Workstation
  • Mobile simulator

* Configurable according to customer requirements.
** The seat is moved according to the centrifugal forces that occur. Switching and braking processes as well as bumps are also shown.
*** The seat unit is moved synchronously to oversteer the vehicle. The driver, the monitor and the pedals are moved on the steel chassis.
**** The four wheel axles are simulated by four actuators. The chassis with driver, monitors and pedals is moved on the steel chassis.


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