The ACTORACERÂź driving simulator models

We focused our requirements on a driving simulator primarily on longevity. The simulator had to be as low-maintenance and expandable as possible. From the beginning we have also made sure that our products are CE certified. This means that the commercial use of our products is also possible for our interested parties.

The built-in actuators, as well as the motion unit used for control, are state-of-the-art in the STL product lines and, in combination with the field of view of the three 43″ HD monitors, impress again and again. “Right in the middle instead of just being there” is the motto here.

In addition to a seat mover with traction loss, a 6-point belt is installed in the ACTORACER. The fastening of the belt is designed in such a way that the driver can feel an additional impulse directly on the body when shifting gears or braking, for example by tightening the belt. As in a real braking process, the initial impulse will be stronger and then subside. In the simulator, we want to convey the feeling of real braking, where in reality the first braking intervention takes place with high pressure and when “braking into the curve”, the braking pressure decreases until the acceleration phase.

You can see the ACTROACER in action on our YouTube channel .


The bargain hunter among our motion simulators, especially for the private and hobby sector Of course, the LITE series is also available in individual kit components, so that you can continue to use your own hardware such as seat, steering wheel, pedals, screen, etc.

All ActoracerÂź are equipped with our latest super quiet and extremely powerful actuators, so that nothing is left to be desired in terms of performance and noise development. An extensive portfolio of accessories and upgrade options complete the package.


A sim racer model from the STL company seen from behind.

The ACTORACERÂź LITE TL is an extension of the entry-level model in our product line. In addition to the built-in Seat-Mover*, a Traction-Loss** is mounted on the same tubular steel frame as the ACTORACERÂź LITE.

In addition to the simulated acceleration, braking and cornering forces, which are mapped by two STL actuators installed on the seat, the lateral forces that occur on this model are transmitted to the chassis with the racing bucket seat by an additional STL actuator.

Our motion software gives us multiple filter options in order to be able to fully utilize the simulation signals and coordinate them precisely with the STL actuators.



The ACTORACER HOME is the entry-level model of our professional product line. The product is designed as a “seat mover”, which means that the acceleration, braking and cornering forces are transferred to the seat and thus to the driver and give you tactile feedback on the vehicle dynamics. We already install our in-house actuators, traction loss and the latest motion software in our entry-level model. The driving simulator for the home.


The ACTORACER PRO for e-sports and SimCenter is the version of the ACTORACERÂź HOME that has been further developed for commercial use.

A simulator designed to be quick and easy to assemble and disassemble. The high-quality equipment of the HOME model combined with a mobile base. In addition, foldable HD monitors that can be set up and fastened quickly and precisely at the intended angle. A defined entry area, high-quality hardware and design areas for customer branding, everything has been thought of. The whole thing can be set up in minutes and reliably in hours of demanding trade fair or center operations.

The technical equipment of the ACTORACERÂź PRO corresponds to that of the HOME model, with the difference that the ACTORACERÂź PRO is mounted on a mobile platform


Image of the Racing Simulator Ultimate by ACTORACER is probably the best driving simulator in the world. Uncompromising technology and real driving experience

Our top product, the Actoracer Ultimate, combines the know-how and mobility of the PRO model, but brings with it an amazing extension on the technical side in the form of a platform mover****. With this extension, which is mounted in the mobile substructure, you will feel every bump, every slope or every incline.

Based on the PRO model, four additional STL actuators are installed in the substructure in the ULTIMATE with an additional control unit. These four actuators simulate the four wheel suspensions on this top-class driving simulator.

Thanks to our handcrafted and high-strength tubular steel frame, the additional forces of the platform mover* are always under control. Here, too, everything with CE conformity, so that commercial use can also take place without any problems.