The newly opened Sim Race driving simulator center in Hamburg with the new actoracer model.

Hello Hamburg! We are there!

The first full-motion sim racing center in Hamburg opens its doors for you in the RCADIA.

Das neu eröffnete Sim Race Fahrsimulator Center in Hamburg
Das neu eröffnete Sim Race Fahrsimulator Center in Hamburg

The top driving simulator in Hamburg

We are currently starting with 6 simulators in our “Actoracer® Lounge” and will continue to expand the offer for you. The “Actoracer®” brand with its products has already established itself as the market leader in the field of full-motion simulators. Our unique and world’s largest Motion eSport Racing Center network is constantly being expanded. With this network and the umbrella organization “AbA Motion eSport” competitions and championships are possible in a unique, fair, comparability. Races are held here exclusively with Actoracer® simulators whose motion profiles and settings are identical. This ensures that every driver is exposed to exactly the same physical stress in the Actoracer® simulator. In this way, we ensure real comparability under the same conditions for every driver.

You can experience all of this in Hamburg for as little as €10 for 15 minutes.

What makes the Actoracer® so special?

Already in the early 90s we were doing real motorsport and racing simulation, the urge for more and more realism for a greater training success led us to develop our own motorsport simulator a good 10 years ago. The main reason was that we could not find a commercially available product that met our requirements and performance for a full-motion simulator. Since then, our simulators have been developed entirely in-house, Made in Germany, and have developed an ever-increasing unique selling point over the years. Today we round off the portfolio with our top product, the “Actoracer® Ultimate” and have thus brought a product onto the market that is unique in terms of its function and scope. Whether Direct Drive Wheel, hydraulic pedals, specially developed actuators and software, we only rely on high end for our customers to offer the best that is possible in this area.

How does the Actoracer® work?

After extensive tests and analyzes of the various simulators and simulation variants, we decided in the first step to use the Seat-Mover system paired with seat belt tightening and traction loss, as it allows you to show the brain all muscle activities and thus maximum of realism and to give the driver the feeling of real driving in the subconscious. In this context it should be mentioned that the Traction Loss System is an indispensable component, because without simulating a swerving, “oversteering” rear of the vehicle, it is not possible to experience a feeling for the rear axle as in a real racing situation. Even if this option is very complex to construct, it forms the cornerstone of a good simulator. In competition, this is usually avoided because it is technically complex and expensive, but without traction loss, our simulators would not meet our requirements. With our Actoracer® Ultimate we have gone one better and expanded our existing seat mover system with belt tightening and traction loss by 4 additional high-performance actuators. A “type” of platform mover was integrated in this model.

Why the emphasis on a “kind”?

In this area, too, we have carried out many tests and comparisons and found that these systems in the classically used and cheapest form of simulator construction do not meet our expectations for us. With a pure platform mover, the physically real loads, the lateral forces and the traction loss are simply missing because of the static seating position. Either the built-in actuators “pound” on the ground, or the distances are too short and can only map small movements of the chassis. This means that real compressions or the “lifting off” of the vehicle, such as is experienced in many places on the Nordschleife or in Spa in the Eau Rouge, simply cannot be fully reproduced. Another indispensable point for us is that in an Actoracer® all the displays move with the chassis. For us, this is an absolutely indispensable component for realism and immersion. In simulators where displays are placed firmly in front of a system, the simulator cockpit will move in front of the display, which in turn disrupts the immersion and is an absolute “NO GO” for us.

All of this has moved us to take an unprecedented but much more complex path. Special actuators were built according to our specifications, which were able to meet our requirements in terms of process path, load and speed. Furthermore, we have developed a floating upside-down system without direct contact with the ground, with which the screens can follow all necessary paths despite the highest loads. In this way, we can map all inclines, declines, bumps, compressions, lifting of the vehicle or banked curves in a real angle without having to do without the necessary bumps in the chassis in any situation. This combination of seat mover, seat belt tightening, traction loss and special platform mover makes the “Actoracer® Ultimate” a unique track tool which is now used worldwide in many areas such as in the automotive industry, development, in motor sports or in our racing centers will.

You too can experience this realism in our Racing Center, look forward to unique experiences and visit us in the Actoracer Lounge, RCADIA Hamburg.